ZProjection 'Sum Slices' vs MAX or AVG intensity - how does this work?


I just wanted to make sure that I understand how the z-projections that I’ve been using work. I think I have a handle on the basics - a ‘Maximum Projection’ image uses the brightest voxel at each xy point of the stack, ‘Average Intensity’ uses an average of value of all of those voxels, and ‘Sum Slice’ uses a sum of values, correct? Are the latter two calculated literally by just the arithmatic average or sum of the voxel values along a single z-axis point, or is there more to it than that?

Thanks in advance,

Peter G. Werner
Postgraduate Student, MSc, Microscopy and Imaging
NUI, Galway, 2018-2019

Hi Peter,

You are correct. Average and sum are just calculated the way you said.
(I think you already read Z-project)


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