Zoom out does not work in image window



I have problems with displaying ImageWindows. Wjen I zoom in to smaller details of image, it is impossible to get back to original size. Home button and back arrow don’t work. Is it just problem with my computer or do you know it is bug? I am using MacOS High Sierra, version 10.13.3 and Cell profiler 3.0.0.
Thanks a lot. Best regards,


Hi Milan,

I have on the same MacOS and the same version of CellProfiler and I don’t have this problem - both the home and back arrow buttons work for me so I don’t think it’s a bug,


it’s strange. In my case if I do zoom to enlarge part of the image, then I can’t zoom out back to see 100% image.
I click arrow back or home button, but nothing happens. I don’t know what might be the problem. I have to re-run the module to see full image in display.


Just to check, did you install from the website or are you running from source? Is this a 2D pipeline or a 3D pipeline?


or I downloaded from website. It is simple 2D pipeline. It’s doing just time to time. I tried to change mouse, but the problem is still appearing.


Out of interest, when you are zoomed in does the pan button working for moving around? I was just wondering if all the buttons are being problematic or it’s specific to the function of zooming out/ resetting the image.


I checked it and I can move around within zoomed image. Funny thing, when I push the home button, it goes back to the starting position of ZOOMED IN object. But somehow not zoom out to the original size.


Hmm, this is going to be hard to fix if it’s only on your machine and only happening sometimes. Do you have a sense of when this happens? Is it usually only when you’re doing a particular thing, etc? That would help us narrow it down.