Zombie macro in Fiji 🧟

It’s sorcery time :mage:

I have a machine where after launching Fiji, every time I launch one of my macros from the menu, it uses an old, buggy version of the macro that is not present in the directory where it’s taken from, rather than the correct one.

The macro is part of an update site (NeuroCyto lab) with its dedicated menu (NeuroCyto) created by placing all macros and scripts in the “scripts” folder of Fiji. In the folder where this macro is, only the updated macro (.ijm file) is present, with no other file, no “_old” version, no invisible file with a dot or anything fishy…

What is the problem here? Where is Fiji getting the obsolete code from, as it’s not present anywhere in the Fiji.app folder?

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Hi, Christophe!

That’s really weird. What path do you get when searching for the script in the search bar?


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If you are on MS Windows, reboot the computer. There may be a stale cache for file handles.


Thanks for the hints! I feel really stupid having discovered the source of the problem - there was an older version of the macro (with the same name) hidden in a far away folder of my macros… And for some reason Fiji launched this one even when I was browsing the menus reflecting the path to the newer version. I found out by purposely making the macro crash so I could see the path to it in the console

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