ZeroCostDL4Mic would like to become a community partner

Hello @team,

ZeroCostDL4Mic would like to become one of the community partner.

ZeroCostDL4Mic is an open platform that helps scientists to train and use popular Deep Learning networks to analyze their microscopy images. ZeroCostDL4Mic is fully open access and was released under the MIT license.

We agree with the guidelines for joining as an partner and we advertised as a key channel for seeking support and discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best

Guillaume on behalf of the ZeroCostDL4Mic team



Do you have an icon we can use for your platform? I will proceed and just leave the icon ‘empty’ for the moment… just ping me here, and I can add it once shared.

Also - I added you to @team to represent this project as a Community Partner team member.

Also - let me know if you are ok with the ‘blurb’ that was written for your tag: Tag sidebar: ZeroCostDL4Mic

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Thanks a lot @etadobson

We use the following icon for ZeroCostDL4Mic. Let me know if you want me to resize it !

The text you wrote is great



Great! You should be all set @Guillaume_Jacquemet … Welcome to the Community!!! :smile:


Thanks, glad to be here