ZeroCostDL4Mic SplineDist notebook now available

Dear All,

A quick message to let you know that we have now released a new ZeroCostDL4Mic notebook, this time to train SplineDist. SplineDist is a Deep Learning network that performs instance segmentation.

SplineDist is building on the ideas of #StarDist but uses splines to describe the mask contour and therefore can handle the segmentation of objects of any shape.

SplineDist was developed by Soham Mandal and Virginie Uhlmann paper here: SplineDist: Automated Cell Segmentation with Spline Curves | bioRxiv

You can access the SplineDist ZeroCostDL4Mic notebook here:

Some examples here:

SplineDist can also be combined with TrackMate for automated tracking:

Let us know what you think

@Romain-F-Laine @Guillaume_Jacquemet and the ZeroCostDL4Mic team


Really cool! Does SplineDist also works with 3D data?


Unfortunately, SplineDist is currently 2D only!