Zen stitching horizontal gap

Hi all,

I’m trying to stitch LSM880 confocal airyscan tile images. After airyscan process and automatic stitching, most images have horizontal gaps across the image, 1 gap for 2x2, 2 gaps for 3x3. The gap happened in all channels. I’ve been doing the same procedure for couple of times but only happened in this batch.

Hi, I would make sure that this is not just some visualization artifact.
Closing the software and reopening the same images, opening it in a different program.

Seems weird since the stitching seemed to have worked in general. Did you make sure you have enough overlap when acquiring the stacks?

If it persists I would get in touch with Zeiss.

Edit: you can also try alternatives, such as the Grid Stitiching Plugin in Fiji: https://imagej.net/Grid/Collection_Stitching_Plugin

Airyscan images will have this if you do not set a %overlap when tiling, and perform stitching.

If you had 0% overlap when initially creating the tiles, you are stuck with that gap within Zen, as far as I know. You may be able to export each tile individually and stitch them together tightly in some other program. Maybe @sebi06 will know better.
Adding Zen and Zeiss tags.

*I think you need to have Show All checked in the Tiling area to see the % overlap option.

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