ZEN Knowledge Base - Python Tutorials and more

Hi all,

in case you did not see it yet, we created a ZEN knowledge base , which also contains quite a few interesting tutorials about general image analysis topics using Python

Check it out and feel free to give feedback.



Very impressive series which covers a lot of ground! I’ll definitely recommend this to people interested in diving deeper in Python for image processing. It’s nice to see that Zeiss seems committed to open-source!


can you please link to a github repo for the python training? It does look very useful, that I personally don’t like videos for coding tutorials…
EDIT: this: https://github.com/bnsreenu

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That’s super useful! Is there anyone from Leica taking notice https://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/microscope-software/p/leica-las-x-ls/ ?

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That’s amazing. I’ve been checking here and there for each of these topics for teaching to the student.
Well done! :clap:t2: