ZEISS Virtual Slide Box

Hi all,

especially in current times one way to make good use of your time at home is to learn and teach. Maybe our new tool might be of interest for you then.

Check it out here: ZEISS Virtual Slide Box

User: demo
Password: P@ssw0rd

The tool is based on the ZEN Data Explorer (webvewer) which is attched to our database solution ZEN Data Storage.

Happy Viewing and stay safe

Could you please check the login details. It is not working.


Hi @santosh.p

I just check the user and pwd again. And it is correct and working (at least for me)

User: demo
PWD: P@ssw0rd --> (with a zero)

Yes it is working. Thank you so much. Santosh

Hi @sebi06,

This is a really useful tool. Do we have to purchase an account to use this service as an individual user?

Dear @manaser,

For individual users etc. this can be purchased. Ask your local Zeiss people for ZEN Data Explorer and ZEN Data Storage.