Zeiss ObserverZ1 - USB config to micromanager


There have been some previous posts about how USB port cannot be used for using Zeiss ObserverZ1 through MM. Has anyone figured out how to do it without using CAN ports?
It will be really helpful if anyone has suggestions.


Hi @vivekb,

USB control of the Z1 was close, but I never got it to really work. @kbellve had a stab at it once. However, it is much more straight forward to use a serial (not CAN, these are different interfaces with different cables) cable. Is there any reason not to use a USB to serial and serial cable? You will need to make sure to use the correct cable (I think that there are instructions on the micro-manager website).

I was able to get USB communication with the Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 to work, but ultimately it wasn’t reliable. Intermittent USB communication issues is a hard and time consuming problem to solve. I also don’t have access to Zeiss protocol documentation and I wasn’t really interested in signing a NDA to get access. One day I might want to reverse engineer a Zeiss protocol and I don’t want a signed NDA in my history. I went back to just using serial communication because it works.

Hi @nicost,

I will try using the serial port. Thanks!

Thanks for the help.