"Z Project"command not macro-recorded from "Stk" menu

I still think there is something not right with the Stk button
So if anyone involved in the FIJI program maintenance sees this issue:

run("Grays"); //using the Stk button > Z Project <== This seems a bug in Macro recording to me
run("Z Project..."); // once I have used the Stk button MENU Image > Stack > Z Project not verbose
 selectWindow("100xV_0003.tif"); //fresh copy of the image
 //MENU Image > Stack > Z Project
run("Z Project...", "projection=[Average Intensity]"); //verbose recording



I confirm the bug. When using the “Stk” menu command “Z Project”, the recorder only shows “run("Grays");

Works for me (recorded) using ‘Image->Stacks->Z Project…’:

run("HeLa Cells (1.3M, 48-bit RGB)");
run("Z Project...", "projection=[Average Intensity]");

Windows 64-bit

Yes, it works from the regular menu, but not from the “Stk” menu.

Sorry I thought you meant “Stk” for Stack instead of the toolbar menu. Now I can reproduce this issue also under Windows and with ImageJ on Linux, too.

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