Your Java is too old for https - Fiji updater

Hey guys,
I have this error message when I run the updater after upgrading to the last Fiji-updater.

Is it expected ?
I though Fiji/ImageJ are shipping their own version of Java…

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Hey @LThomas,

yes, Fiji ships with it’s own Java version. This version will not get updated though - so if you downloaded Fiji a while ago, you should download a fresh Fiji at some point. The message is a warning, not an error - you will continue to get updates via HTTP.

Can you run Plugins > Debug > System Information? The first line should tell you which Java version you are using. Can you post this?

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Thanks for the reply,

Oh I didn’t know that, is there a reason for that or it’s just technically impossible/unsafe ?

I have 1.8.0_66 (double clicking on the fiji menu bar also display the versions by the way :wink: ).
I’m kind of reluctant/paranoid to use a fresh Fiji :sweat_smile: I have my presets for my update sites…

I could try to manually update the Java in\java\win64\jdk1.8.0_66\jre
EDIT: I just duplicated my Fiji and replace the jdk folder with my local jdk1.8.0_211 and it worked !
The updater successfully replaced the http to https !
Thanks !


Right :sweat_smile:

Glad that it works now!

I cannot find an issue for updating Java, so I created one: Read this about why I think Java currently does not get updated. And if someone knows more, please comment :slight_smile:

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Hi ,
Since we are not all experts… Could you please explain the steps more explicitly…e.g. where we find this local jdk1.8.0_211?
thanks a lot…

This is only if you have a Java JDK installed on your machine, which I dont expect is the case for you unless you do some Java development.

The best for you would be to download a fresh fiji (and use it as it is ) or if you want to keep your original fiji, copy the folder\java\win64\jdk1.8.0_211 (or whatever version) from the fresh fiji and replace the jdk folder in your previous fiji with this new one.

Just to be safe, you can make a zipped copy of your old fiji before doing this operation so you have a backup.


Followed your guide and it worked like charm…
Thanx a lot!!!

This was the best way to upgrade without having to move my Plugins, reset my update sites and Ij-prefs. For clarity to other Mac users, open the Applications folder in Finder, right click on Fiji and click ‘show package contents’. In here you can see the folder ‘java’. In here is a folder called macos. Now, do the same with the freshly downloaded Fiji in the downloads folder and lastly, drag the macos folder from this fiji into the Applications/Fiji/java folder and say yes when asked if you want to overwrite.

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None of these worked for me.
Actually, the java version that is shipped in the current Fiji is even lower than 211, it is 172.
I switched to 221 and still get the same error message.

Hi @diyoyo, sorry to hear this doesn’t work for you. Can you give us a bit more details, like your operating system, if you are behind a firewall, and maybe the full log from debug mode?

I tried the recommendation to replace the macos on jave folder but now FIJI does not open.
How can I fix it?