I am trying out the classifier and first of all I would like to congratulate you on the interface:
It is really nice how one can move cells to the different classes!
:smile: :smile: :smile:

I have one question though:

the X-Validate button is not available in my version of the analyser; is that on purpose?


Hi Christian,

The cross-validation button got removed at one point because that code was being inspected. It is back in our in-house developer’s version now, and we are planning to release a newer Java version soon (before the Python version’s initial release). Stay tuned the next few days for an announcement thread at the top of the CPA Forum sections, and on the main website. Thanks for pointing this out.



A new version of CellProfiler Analyst (including the Classifier tool) has been released and is available for download for Mac OS and Windows from: cellprofiler.org/downloadCPA.shtml

This new version includes a “Check accuracy” functionality that performs cross validation with 50% and 90% hold-out. See the manual for details.