X and Y set scale plugin


I have an image on which the horizontal x coordinate represents space and the vertical y coordinate time. I would like to stamp two scale bars on my image, a horizontal one to indicate the spatial scale ( just like “analyze/tools/scale”) and and a vertical one for the time scale. Is there any plugin out there to do that ? How would you manage ?

Thanks a lot for your help !



I don’t know of any plugin that does this out of the box. But you could do so by adding line selections of appropriate length (as well as some text selections optionally) as an overlay (Image > Overlay > Add selection).

This functionality might be a nice addition to the (recently added) KymographBuilder plugin by @hadim, actually :slight_smile:

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Sure. That could be an option to display scale bar, one for time and one for position according to calibration data available.

Before adding this feature I prefer to wait that the Overlay API is stabilized.

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Hello Jan and hadim,

Thank you for your responses. In the meantime what I do is just use a first time “set scale + scale bar”, then turn the picture 90°, and a second time “set scale + scale bar” for the other axis. The result looks like this:



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