wxWebView extension


I have installed Cellprofiler 4.0.7 on Ubuntu 18.04 following the direction for a wx method, but when I run it, I have this occurring error: “Web extension not not found in “/usr/local/lib/wx/3.1.4/web-extensions”, some wxWebView functionality will not be available”.

Can anyone help to fix this?

Hi @pippodalben96,

Does this error actually prevent CellProfiler from launching? It shouldn’t need the complete WebView engine to be usable. Just to check - you did use the wx build with extras, as mentioned in the instructions?


Hi @DStirling,

Yes, you are right, it doesn’t prevent me from using CellProfiler but it comes up more as a warning. I followed the instruction with all the extras for the wx build and I am just missing the web extensions, which I saw to be present in the help tab anyway, could this be due to the 4.0.7 version?


We use WebView within the app to display help dialogs, but to my knowledge we don’t use the more complex extensions. So while you might get a warning I expect the lack of extensions won’t effect functionality.

Thank you very much for your clarifying this for me.