Writing to results table but table doesn't update results

I am trying to save extra data in a results table that is formed from the pendant drop plug. I am facing a weird issue. I am trying to save the droplets position ( a value I calculate) in the “droplet bottom position” column after each image has ran. After the macro has ran through the set of images, I get the surface tension, file name etc results that I expect however, the "droplet bottom position " column only has data in the first row and 0 for the other rows. When I create a new macro and run the line Table.set("y bottom", Table.size -1, "test"), suddenly all the “y bottom” values appear with the final one being “test”.

After running macro;

After running Table.set("y bottom", Table.size -1, "test"), the droplet bottom position values suddenly appear

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?
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