Writing a program in imagej?

I’m trying to write a program and I’m wondering if ImageJ is the right platform to use. I want to make a program that can recognize the edges of vesicles in a brightfield or phase contrast video then perform calculations on the changes in these edges to extract a bending rigidity. Is it possible to do this with ImageJ? How difficult would it be for a beginner?


Hello Isabel,

There’a command “Find Edges”. And perhaps, you need to start with the basics, if you’re a beginner. Just a couple of tutorials or videos will do (I started like this).ImageJ Tutorial or official page examples.


For the calculation of the bending rigidity, you might try to find a plugin that can do something similar. Either by browsing the update sites, or back to your favorite search engine.
Your need seems quite specific though, so you might need to write your own script, either the ImageJ macro language is sufficient, or if you need more advanced calculations maybe using the jython or similar scripting language would be better.
Maybe the easiest would be to first pre-process like edge detection in Fiji and then analyse with Matlab or Python since the scripting in Fiji is sometimes challenging if you need external packages…

The tutorial you linked to is from 2000. While it is still valid for most of the ImageJ 1.x topics, some of the newer additions are not covered.

I’d also recommend the official listing of ImageJ-related tutorials here:

as well as the pages about scripting and developing plugins: