Wound Healing

Hello everybody,

I wanted to try the wound healing pipeline.
Therefore I used the images that are included in the zip-file.
When I started the analysis CellProfiler got stuck with the
smoothing step and the estimated processing time was constantly increased.
After about 2h, when CellProfiler was still in the smoothing step and
said it needs another 22 h I aborted the processing.

Did I something wrong?

I just installed and started CellProfiler, loaded the .cp-file and switched the
default input folder to the folder where I unzipped the images and finally I clicked on
Analyze images

I used a PC running Windows 7 with 4GB RAM



I have two questions:

  • Can you look at the console window (the window that shows up as the interface is loading), and tell us know whether any errors/warnings appear there?

  • Irrespective of the answer to the first question, if you go to the menu bar and select Window > Hide all windows on run
    , does it successfully complete?


Hello Mark,

it doesn’t complete successfully, when I go to hide all windows on run and the following error is displayed on the console window:
RuntimeError: Could not open facefile C:\Program Files (x86)\CellProfiler\mpl-data\fonts\ttf\Vera.ttf; Cannot_Open_Resource


You may want to try inserting a ConserveMemory module after the Smooth modules, and have it remove the Gray and Orig images. Let us know if that helps.

Hi and sorry for the long delay.
After inserting the ConserveMemory module, that removes the original and gray images it works. Thanks!