Wound Healing Image Analysis

I am new to the Cell Profiler software, using it to measure the area covered in my scratch wound healing images.
I had downloaded the wound healing pipeline along with the 2 examples images. I ran the pipeline and it works. Then I added (by using the ‘Browse for Images’ option) my own images (which needs to be analysed) into the software.
However, when I click on ‘Analyse images’ it is only the pipeline example images which is getting analysed and Not my own images. Tried it a couple of times but still only the pipeline examples images are getting analysed again and again. Not sure what/where I am doing wrong! Please help me to get my images analysed!!!
Thanks a million,


Thanks for trying CellProfiler. You would need to
(1) In the Images module, remove the example images (not yours), which are apparently in the image list still.
(2) In NamesAndTypes, you’ll probably have to adjust the settings text that find your images, i.e. Images matching rules -> “File does contain …” from something that matched the example images to something that matches yours.

If you post an example set of images that define a location here, or even the filenames, we can perhaps help better.
And even better, export and post your pipeline here!