Would someone make a dark script editor?

Hi all,
I just wanted to say that if someone skilled enough wants to implement a black or grey background in the Fiji script editor, he will receive eternal gratitude from me and (I’m sure) from many others!
This would be a huge comfort improvement!


Not really a solution, just some workarounds:

  • In linux (Ubuntu at least) if you you use the GTK L&F, and are using a dark theme, all of Swing components will also adopt dark widgets.
  • Alternatively, you can adopt one of the Dark themes bundled with SNT: Subscribe to the Neuroanatomy update site, Open Plugins → Neuroanatomy → SNT… and click on the Preferences button in the Options tab, and choose a dark theme. Next time you open the Script Editor it will be dark modified.

The problem with either approach is that the text pane itself remains under light-theme. So, not sure how useful this becomes. Here is a screenshot:

Hi @tferr ,
Thanks for the tip, I tried the SNT trick on windows but I get a java error saying that he fails to apply new look and feel… might be a Unbutu specific thing?

Are you also subscribed to the Sciview update site? Asking because sciview used to bundle an outdated version of the L&F libraries used by SNT that would not allow the changes to occur. The issue has been fixed but it may not be yet pushed to the sciview update site. Otherwise, the preference should work across platforms.

I have Sciview yes
But I’m sure someone will come with a solution to get even the text area in dark mode!
I believe