I am currently experiencing long wait times when I run my CP pipeline for many images. We are considering purchasing a workstation which will run much faster than my laptop. Can you give advice, based on how the program is written, on which of the following components are most helpful in speeding up analysis? I’m trying to decide if things like a GPU would help or if it would be better to spend more on memory, multiple-core processors, etc…

-Multiple Core CPUs
-Multiple multiple core CPUs


You can certainly go the route of purchasing multiple computing nodes so you can run CP in batch mode, i.e., split the images up in batches that processed in parallel. However, since the computing solutions tend to vary widely, we offer limited support; you peruse the CPCluster forum for more details.

In general, we highly recommend using a 64-bit processor over a 32-bit. Even with comparable memory, the 64-bit OS has a higher memory overhead.