Working with different QuPath versions


I am currently using QuPath 0.2.0 m2 for my project. But the projects I create there, will not open in version 0.1.2…

I know 0.2.0 is a milestone version still in progress, but Is there a way to transfer all my work easily to 0.1.2, if it’s needed, without having to start all over? (annotations, cell counts, classifiers etc)

And; Will you recommend using 0.2.0 m2 or 0.1.2 right now with regard to stability? :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m afraid there isn’t a way to switch between them. And m3 isn’t (currently) looking like it will be fully compatible with m2… so I’d definitely recommend v0.1.2 with regard to stability (there are no further plans to change it).

The trouble is that the milestones need to change to support new features that couldn’t possibly fit into v0.1.2, and I’m finding more and more changes necessary as I go along. I’d like to be able to say they will/can be backwards compatible, but achieving that would make the task enormously more complicated and slow things down even further - and for now it’s still just me working on it in whatever time I can scrape together. I’d rather make the more painful changes sooner rather than later, and grow the number of developers beyond 1 to make everything more sustainable.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried to keep the actual .qpdata files for v0.2.0-m2 compatible with the .qpdata files of v0.1.2. Therefore potentially you could create a project containing the same images in v0.1.2 and track down the corresponding .qpdata files, copy them in the ‘data’ folder and rename them in a v0.1.2-friendly way.

In any case, my intention is to try to get things stabilized as quickly as possible, and then figure out some way (likely via scripts) to move things over to the more stable version.

For now I can’t help very much with transitioning between versions, since every precious coding moment needs to go into making things stable sooner…

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Ok, thank you so much for the quick reply!
I will create a new project in v 0.1.2, then copy and try to rename the data-files from the v0.2.0-project.

I haven’t had any problems using v0.2.0.m2, although it is in change, except this problem with compatibility to older versions. I hope that you will have the time and resources to develop QuPath further!

If anyone is struggling with the same, and wants to know;
It worked out well to copy the .qudata from the v0.2.0- project data-folder to the datafolder in the v0.1.2- project. Had to rename the .qudata-files in the v0.1.2 datafolder to match the image-filename, and all the data transferred perfectly.

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Excellent, thanks for reporting back! I guess that means it’ll be scriptable. Thought/hoped it would be, but never 100% sure before it has been tested!

Glad it worked out for your file format. The only other thing I can think of is that there were some coordinate changes made when reading OpenSlide files, a difficulty that some people might run into when trying repeat this process.

Well yes, and LineROIs and Polylines were either not supported at all or a bit dubious in v0.1.2… but hopefully these won’t be an issue very often/at all.

The ‘advice’ remains to stick with the same version and not switch between versions, but I realise that sometimes the need to switch is sufficiently compelling.

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