Working on my custom extension and it doesn't seem to work properly

I am working on this extension that is similar in layout to bioformats extension that is openly available. My problem is that I jar my project and drag it into QuPath, it sais that the extension is loaded and shows no error messages but custom meny items are not loaded.

In general, I just want to run a script that extracts binary annotation mask from an annotated project. I have the script for that but I want to make it easy for laymans to just click a button and enable them to make this with one click in the menu bar.

I’ve just had a quick look, and my guess is that it’s the location of qupath.lib.gui.extensions.QuPathExtension.

In your case it’s inside src/main/java and the java bit shouldn’t be in the path.


It is neat seeing more people start to create extensions though!

Thank you very much for the very quick reply! That was it, I already updated the code and have an extension that extract binary masks from a project’s current image.

Hey i am an Student and i have been woking with Qupath 0.1.2 for almost 2 month. I would like to do my bachelor thesis with qupath. So with Qupath 0.1.2 it was no problem to create an extension. For 0.2.0 and the later releases i am not able to do that. I tried these extension but its not working?! Does anybody know an working extension? Just to see how it is constructed correctly? I would be very thankful for a hint.

There aren’t any major changes in how extensions work in the v0.2.0 milestones - but much of the code inside QuPath has changed (and continues to change). So it’s quite likely that an extension written for v0.1.2 won’t work in v0.2.0 because it relies on something method within QuPath that has changed or moved.

If you use an IDE to write the extension and use the v0.2.0 jars as dependencies then it should be able to find any errors that occur. But be warned that v0.2.0 continues to change among milestones and the API is definitely not stable at this point.


Ok Pete thx for the answer. I will try it:)