Windows Installation using Conda: mysqlclient fails to install

I am trying to install on Win 10 and I am following the instruction for the Conda process described here:

I get the following error on mysqlclient install:

Building wheel for mysqlclient ( started
Building wheel for mysqlclient ( finished with status ‘error’
Running clean for mysqlclient
Successfully built CellProfiler
Failed to build mysqlclient
Installing collected packages: mysqlclient, pyzmq, wxPython, CellProfiler
Found existing installation: mysqlclient 1.3.14
Uninstalling mysqlclient-1.3.14:
Successfully uninstalled mysqlclient-1.3.14
Running install for mysqlclient: started
Running install for mysqlclient: finished with status ‘error’
Rolling back uninstall of mysqlclient
Moving to c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\
from c:\users\khaden\appdata\local\temp\
Moving to c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\site-packages_mysql_exceptions.pyc
from c:\users\khaden\appdata\local\temp\pip-uninstall-ytnmeg_mysql_exceptions.pyc
Moving to c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\site-packages\mysqlclient-1.3.14-py2.7.egg-info
from c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\site-packages~ysqlclient-1.3.14-py2.7.egg-info
Moving to c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\site-packages\mysqldb
from c:\users\khaden.conda\envs\cellprofiler\lib\site-packages~ysqldb

Does anyone know why or how to fix?

I’m also having difficulty getting mysqlclient to install. I have posted about it previously, and had got it working, however now I cannot get it to work at all.