Windows freeze for Multi-Page-Tiffs

I used ImageJ/Fiji to create a Multi-Page-Tiff with a resolution of 20x30 Pixel and 700000 Pages. Fiji saved the file without problems, but if i try to open the Folder (with the saved file) the windows explorer freezes. I have to kill windows exporer via TaskManager or restart windows, but i can not see the content of that folder ever again. If i delete the Multi-Page-Tiff File via Console (“del filename”), i can open the Folder and everything is normal again.

Is this a Window or Fiji problem? What can i do to solve that problem?

HI @Willy,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my Windows 7 machine. I created a stack with the same dimensions and saved it and had no problems opening the folder using Windows Explorer and could accessthe file properties etc.

Edit. I was able to open it up fine in FIJI but actually now am unable to delete it via Windows Explorer and had to so via the command prompt. So it seems Windows Explorer can’t quite deal with it I guess.


I just tested it on Windows 7 (the freeze Problem was on Win 10) and you are right. Windows 7 does not freeze. On Windows 7 i can see the Files in the Folder and if i right click on the Multi-Tiff File the menu shows up normal. But if i click on “Properties” the Property Window never appears.

Thumbnails, previews, and Windows Explorer extensions are known to have issues with scientific TIFF files. Try to enable “Always show icons, never thumbnails” in the “Folder Options > View” settings and disable the Explorer preview pane.

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Thanks for this advice. Now i can see the content of the folder without problems, but if i right click on the Tif-File the explorer still freezes. Do you have a Idea how to fix that too?

Try Autoruns, ShellMenuView or ShellExView to identify and disable third party “ContextMenuHandlers”.

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Thank you, ShellExView worked. It was necessary to disable all Lines where “Description” equals “Photo Metadata Handler”.