Windows 10 envirinment suitable?

Hello all,

I just tried out windows 10 for the first time and it seems that the environment may not be so great for FIJI (copied my updated version from my W7 machine).

It doesnt appear to be drag and droppable with the app-like layout (FIJI interface takes up an entire window), where multiple stacks are not simultaneously viewable.

Should i steer clear of windows 10 and save myself a headache, or are there simple workarounds to get back to a windows 7-like interface?

What are the pro’s and con’s of changing to windows 10 for FIJI?

Many thanks for all your kind input!

Bes wishes,

Darren Thomson

Hi Darren,

There have been several issues with ImageJ and Win10 (just search this forum), but many of them have been resolved since in updates. What is your version of ImageJ and Java?

I have had no issues on windows 10 across several computers, I would not say to stay clear unless you prefer w7 for other reasons :slight_smile:

hi Sverre,

I’ve only realised that my 2-in-1 laptop was stuck in tablet mode (doh!). All appears to be resolved now
Sorry to waste your time!