Window placement with multiple screens

I am currently working with multiple data sets and try to compare them, hence working with one instance of Fiji per screen.

Unfortunately, when opening images or any other windows on my secondary screen, they will all appear on the primary screen. Moving them to the secondary one every time (10 windows or so) is not really useful.

Is there a way to let Fiji/ImageJ open any windows always on that screen on which the respective instance is running?

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Window placement on multi-screen setups can be tricky, there have been several discussions about that on bugzilla and here on the forum. @Wayne or @ctrueden might be able to comment on that.

Why are you using separate Fiji instances at all? An advantage of comparing datasets within the same instance is the possibility to synchronize windows.

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As annoying as the behavior is, I unfortunately do not have time to work on fixing multi-screen window placement right now. An intrepid developer could develop a patch for the ImageJ 1.x code that passes a GraphicsConfiguration to each new Window to better control where it appears.

In a multi-screen environment, you can create a Window on a different screen device by constructing the Window with Window(Window, GraphicsConfiguration). The GraphicsConfiguration object is one of the GraphicsConfiguration objects of the target screen device.

In a virtual device multi-screen environment in which the desktop area could span multiple physical screen devices, the bounds of all configurations are relative to the virtual device coordinate system. The origin of the virtual-coordinate system is at the upper left-hand corner of the primary physical screen.

See the java.awt.Window documentation for details.

Alternately, feel free to file an issue and we’ll try to fix it eventually…

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