Window error


I’ve been working with CellProfiler for a few months now, but I have never encountered a window error until today. When I try to run a pipeline (that I have tested and verified in the past), it works until it has to display an image and then I get the attached error dialog box. However, this does not happen when I suppress the display windows. Can you please help me figure out what is going on here?


Hi Greg,

This may be related to the physical setup of your monitor. Do you have multiple monitors connected, for example? The subfunction is errorring because it is calculating a figure size that is somehow <0; it gets this size by first assessing the size of the screen on your primary monitor. According to Matlab, two of the fig position specs are allowed to be <0 if you have multiple monitors; so either (1) something about your display settings is wrong (you don’t really have multiple monitors, but your computer thinks you do) or (2) one of the other fig position specs is negative. It’s tough to diagnose exactly from the compiled ver error message. You could try playing around with your display settings to change the primary monitor; or, just try running on a different computer.


Thanks Kate! That fixed the problem immediately.