Wiki and Documentation for a plugin

Dear ImageJ/Fiji developers,

I would like to properly document a ImageJ/Fiji plugin that I wrote.
In the past I used the Wiki for that and wrote a Read Me linking also to the wiki on github.

My latest information is that the wiki will be migrated and is currently in read only mode.

What is the best or recommended way now to do that? Avoiding to duplicate and having to redo everything then later on.

Thank you!

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Dear Wiki maintainers,
I’m also interested in this. I want to update the information for the quick-start development on Development - ImageJ, but links to the post:
ImageJ wiki is read-only - Websites - Forum. The post is closed, but the Wiki is not editable. So there is currently no way to edit the Wiki, right?

On the other hand, I found that there is imagej/ GitHub Pages for ImageJ for ImageJ (Experimental).
I did not want to post there, because it is marked “experimental”. If I make changes there, will they get lost when the migration takes place?

It seems that in this discussion ImageJ web site migration timeline - Websites - Forum that the new will be new default. The timeline is a little off, though.

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I created now a github pages site for my plugin.
In the repository on github:

I guess this is the way to go forward then.
Link from the ImageJ page then there…