Why tif image looks different in when opened in imagej vs windows photo viewer?

Why .tif binary image looks differently when opened in fiji vs windows photo viewer? In fiji the whiter areas are rare and the image is mostly black but in the windows photo viewer it is not.
Any idea why?gh.tif (16.0 MB)

Your image is 32 bit.
Photo Viewer seems to use a 32_to_8_bit mapping different from that used by ImageJ/Fiji.

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Thanks. Why mapping from 32 to 8 bit is necessary? I mean why not show in the 32 bit?

Your display is only 8bit, for each R-G-B

@phaub do you mean the monitor?

yes. Images are always scaled to an 8bit RGB display range.
You can change this scaling by adjusting Image>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast.
When you have an 32bit image, e.g. with intensities from 0 to 1.0 created by File>New>Image (32bit, Ramp) and the Fire LUT applied, then you see what happens if you change brightness and contrast.


The available 8bit display range will be used to display the intensities between the Min and Max as selected in the B&C.

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