Why the whole slide .bif image is shifted (and sliced)

I am reading whole-slide .bif images, but there appear slices and shifts in it. Maybe it needs some settings but I tried all the required options in the first two sections of the GitHub https://github.com/qupath/qupath/wiki/First-steps.

For convenience, I am attaching an image too. Please guide how to read whole-slide images without splitting and slicing in it.

Thank you

It would be helpful to know if the image is being read using OpenSlide or Bio-Formats. This information is available under the ‘Image’ tab.

By creating a new project and adding your image to that, you can select the other library to see if it is more successful at reading your file.

Vaguely remembered this from before.

If you want to use Ventana images, I recommend saving as TIFF rather than the proprietary .BIF.

I was reminded about this today, and I notice the screenshot is using QuPath v0.2.0-m4. There have been about 10 updates over the year since then :slight_smile:

If this is still an issue, I recommend updating to the latest version (currently v0.2.3) and if the problem persists let me know if Bio-Formats or OpenSlide is being used as the reader (as reported under the ‘Image’ tab).