Why I can't find a basic Harris corner detector in ImageJ?


I don’t understand why I can’t find a basic Harris corner detector in ImageJ ? Even in Fidji, no one… :frowning:

I find .java source code but ImageJ “Compile and run” item menu doesn’t work on my computer.

Why this Harris feature is not released without adding anything ?

Maybe you haven’t searched for the right terms?

Of course I find this page, Gabriel, but my “Compile and run” item menu doesn’t work on my computer, and I can’t use this plugin…

Why this Harris feature is not released without adding anything in ImageJ ?

I do not know why that particular plugin is not included. Usually that is not an issue, as you should be able to compile files…
Did you install IJ from the IJ website “with Java”?

Well, I’m a OpenCV user. As you can see at [1], this function retrieve corner positions.
The plugin [2] works well on another computer, but …

  1. it doesn’t allow to get corner position by copying a list of points (like “histogram” ImageJ function), or export it into a file
  2. instructions and menu use italian :frowning:

Nobody need point of interrest values using ImageJ ? Should it not be an image analysis program ?

[1] http://docs.opencv.org/2.4/doc/tutorials/features2d/trackingmotion/harris_detector/harris_detector.html

[2] http://svg.dmi.unict.it/iplab/imagej/Plugins/Feature%20Point%20Detectors/Harris/harris.htm

Dear @Victor,

OrientationJ from the Unser Lab at EPFL includes a Harris Corner detection algorithm. You can find information on how to install it on their webpage.

Indeed it is an image analysis program that is extendable by plugins developed by the community. The goal of ImageJ is not to include every image processing/analysis algorithm out there but to make it easier for you to develop and deploy them.

If you want to use that specific plugin, you should write the authors of the plugin and e-mail and propose that they make available an international version of their plugin and extend the functionality.



Thank’s a lot, Stelfrich, for the nice EPFL OrientationJ plugin. It works just like I want, it allow to copy-paste point coordinates. I like EPFL products…

I’m still surprised that the community don’t provide basic image analysis feature (is the link to OrientationJ available in ImageJ web site ?). ImageJ should include very standard algorithm like Harris corner detection. It include as well edge detection (Menu Process/Find edges)…

The community, in this case the Unser lab, provides image processing/analysis algorithms for a variety of use cases. Those, however, are not necessarily bundled with vanilla ImageJ. OpenCV might differ in that regard. For available plugins you can take a look at:


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You didn’t forget links to EPFL ?
I’m using Fiji to get more installed plugin, and even using Fiji I didn’t find an installed “Harris corner detector” feature… :-/
Than’ks to EPFL for OrientationJ and it’s Harris corner detection.

Did you know other algorithms for point of interest detection, available for ImageJ ? Sift, by gaussian differences ?

Thank’s Stefan.

Good day Stefan,

regarding points of interest, you may also have a look at:
Process > Binary > Ultimate Points (etc.)

Regarding the Harris operator:
It is easy to write the corresponding ImageJ-macro and it is not much more involed to write an ImageJ-plugin, if you need such!

Feel free to contribute either or both to the community.



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Actually @Victor came up with the question, @anon96376101 :slight_smile: Nevertheless, you are making a good point. In that particular case, however, since an implementation is available, I’d opt against re-inventing the wheel…

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Sorry Stefan,

for confounding your name with Victor’s!

Well, even after having been pointed to OrientationJ, Victor writes

I’m using Fiji to get more installed plugin, and even using Fiji I didn’t find an installed “Harris corner detector” feature… :-/

and from a certain point of view I can understand his wish.

OrientationJ is quite an impressive and corpulent piece of software and actually overkill if one only needs the Harris operator. With this in mind, writing a small “Harris”-macro or -plugiin could nevertheless be worthwhile.



Sure. Just be warned that the BIG group does not use open source software licenses. So it is not (legally) feasible to build other components on top of their code.

You can contribute one to Fiji. Or you can make your own update site.

See the Distribution page for details.

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I am an ImageJ contributor, I’ve already uploaded five plugins here : http://imagejdocu.tudor.lu/doku.php?id=plugin:start

Thank’s for your informations, Ctrueden

Sure, but my suggestion was that you could contribute it to the Fiji collection of plugins, by following the Fiji contribution guidelines, since your specific complaint here is that a particular feature is not available in Fiji out of the box. See also the Distribution page; using imagejdocu has many disadvantages, whereas using an update site and the ImageJ wiki is much nicer for users.

Thank’s for this advice, Ctrueden, but “contribution guidelines” looks difficult to follow, much more than ImageJdocu…
And I’m not actually into ImageJ developpement projects, I was just needing an Harris corner detection tool for ImageJ. Maybe later to contribute ? Thank’s for your help.