Who can mirror ImageJ online resources?

As discussed elsewhere (1, 2), the ImageJ websites at LOCI have been rebuilt and are now stable again. We are not planning any further server changes, disruptions, or downtime. Nonetheless, it would be fantastic to have key ImageJ online resources mirrored to different locations geographically, for both performance and redundancy.

If your institution has both resources and interest to offer a public mirror, please go ahead and set one up! The following sites are available via anonymous rsync:

$ rsync downloads.imagej.net::
downloads.imagej.net	ImageJ downloads
$ rsync sites.imagej.net::
sites.imagej.net	ImageJ update sites
update.imagej.net	ImageJ update site
update.fiji.sc 	Fiji update site

If you do set up a public mirror, please reply back here. We can start a list of mirrors on imagej.net, and hopefully later set up a CDN to pick the best mirror for folks geographically. But first we need to establish some other locations! :star2:

CC @carandraug


I have been maintaining a public mirror for the last 5 years or so at https://downloads.micron.ox.ac.uk/fiji_update/mirrors/

This only includes the imagej, fiji, and java-8 update sites. But if there’s interest I can start mirroring the other sites as well.

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Love the idea of having an ImageJ mirror - I will talk to our IT and see where I can get!

Thanks, @ctrueden!

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