Which upgrade for my laptop would be most beneficial for working with "Ilastik"?

Hey there,
I’ve started recently to use “Ilastik” and… I’m impressed. It’s really helpful. Nevertheless, often times I find myself waiting for long periods of time while “Ilastik” process new annotations etc or when I hit “export all”. I was wondering: which single upgrade to my laptop’s hardware would be most beneficial in terms of reducing these “waiting periods”, in your opinion?

I’m using a Dell Inspiron 5579 laptop with an Intel Core i7-8550 1.8 GHz CPU, an Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU, 24 GB of RAM and a Micron 1100 SATA (512 GB) SSD.
I attach an image with typical data about usage of the CPU and the GPU at moments in which Ilastik is doing some heavy processing.

I’m not an expert in computers etc., so I guess what I’m asking might not necessarily make sense, but I’d ask nevertheless: in your opinion, which single upgrade to my laptop would be most beneficial for me, in terms of reducing the processing time in “Ilastik”? Would installing a new CPU be most beneficial? Would installing a new GPU (is that even possible with a laptop like mine) be the way to go?


Hi Omer,

in terms of performance gain I can tell you the following:

  • GPU: will not make a difference. ilastik is not doing any computations on there.
  • RAM: More is always better, especially if you want to process large 3D data. But I wouldn’t expect wonders. 24 gigs are already solid.
  • CPU: I’m not sure this can be upgraded in your machine at all.

So if you’re looking for performance improvements for free, I can maybe give some hints on that:

  • zoom in more: ilastik will only predict what you are looking at (in interactive mode). So if you zoom in more, it’ll be done faster
  • annotate less: it’s good practice to start with few annotations only and go to live update. Then only correct (add more annotations) where predictions are wrong.
  • When zooming out/navigating through z, or time: disable live update: I would always disable live update (given the data is large) before doing navigation (in terms of going to a different region in your dataset. ilastik will request predictions for every portion of the data, even if you only look at it in a scroll over fashion.
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