Which software for live-imaging 3D analysis?

Hi everyone,
I’m new in this forum and I would like some advisements about softwares. I’m studying the mobility of immune cells around tumor and to do so I have some two-photon 3D acquisitions during the time (12 hours) and I would like count and track the immune cells. Can you advise me a software able to do it ? I’m trying Icy and it works but it’s not perfect. It’s not possible to watch my movie in 3D and so to check if the tracking is correct … I also have Imaris in my lab but it’s a very very old license. My file seems too big for this version and the software stops alone when I try to modify something or begin an analyse … Is there another software than I can use ? I can code if I have to (Rstudio, Python etc).
Thank you for your help