Which ImageJ-related tasks would help you the most?

:wave: For the past couple of months, I’ve been mostly on family leave due to COVID-19. But I’ll have two days a week to work on ImageJ again starting this week. Of course, I need to prioritize what I work on during my limited windows. Below is an informal poll to encourage me in particular directions. If you have opinions, please vote!

What should Curtis work on?
  • Flesh out PyImageJ tutorial notebooks, with a focus on ImageJ1 integration
  • Fix ij1-patcher headless support for newest IJ1 versions
  • Finish the new ImageJ website
  • Migrate CI builds from Travis CI to GitHub Actions and update corresponding community process
  • Work on merging existing scijava, imagej, scifio, fiji PRs
  • Finish reconciling ImageJ-OMERO and ImageJ Server with PSJ 30+.
  • Flesh out and communicate near-term strategic vision + technical directions for ImageJ+Fiji
  • <insert your urgent project needing my help specifically here (comment in the thread)>
  • No preference

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Thanks again everyone for the votes! :pray: Very helpful. I’ll do what I can.