Which Image Analysis Software to use

Dear all,

I need some basic help in selecting the appropriate ML webapp, for histopathology purpose. Would provide the following 4 features, from a high def histopathology virtual slide:

1- Object segmentation:
The web app must recognise contour of objects, which I can adjust manually

2- Manual Classification:
Ability to click on an object and tag it to a specific name (eg “Cell type
For this I need to be able to create my own universe of objects (say 50
objects on total).

3- Object recognition:
After manual classification and me teaching the web app with many images, the website would recognise better and better the 50 shapes I taught it.

4- Export:
Ability to export coordinates of the defined objects. This is to eventually create an algorithm to suggest a diagnosis (based on the objects recognised above, or not).

Thanks a lot !