Where to summarize status of Java 8, Java 3D, etc.?

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Does anyone have a suggestion where on the wiki this summary should live? And what topics exactly should be included? Possible ideas:

  • I could of course make a FAQ entry, but it would be buried.
  • I could make new pages Java 3D and Java 8 but they would still need to be linked from somewhere.
  • I could make a page Status but that sounds very general…

One reason I am reluctant to write mountains of text explaining the technical details of the migration to Java 8 and the new Java 3D is because the situation is evolving, and the text will very likely become outdated and obsolete before the end of 2016.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Create a page Transition to Java8, make it a News item (http://imagej.net/News) and stash everything on this page by copy-pasting with rough timestamps?

What about a page called “Latest Java technology updates” (or something like that) that is periodically updated with a summary with the latest developments in that topic and linked from the News as @tinevez suggests? Inside the page you can add a tag to specify if your comment is about Java 8, 3D or whatever Java-related core tool.

Great idea to make it a News post. That’s what we have done in the past, and it works well.

How about this: rather than have a page I keep editing, we make a new category “Status” and tag all status update news posts with that category. Then we create http://imagej.net/Status and redirect to http://imagej.net/Category:Status ?

I like this approach because it preserves the status by date, while also providing a page which makes it easy to find the latest info.


I like this do. The ‘Status page’ is a great name.
We can then point our users and tell them that everytime something is weird they should check the Status page to see what the heck is happening “right now”.

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