Where to publish a new dataset?

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I hope that “data managment” is the right section to ask about.

With my research group we have created various curated datasets of Anemia images. Which are initiative that accept open contributions? For now I only know physionet

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Try the BioImage Archive or the Image Data Resource.


Thank you, very helpful!

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Figshare and Zenodo are two other possibilities.

In my view, Figshare and Zenodo are pretty much dumps. They don’t conform to the FAIR principles (of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability). Data is hard if not impossible to find there if one doesn’t already have the DOI, data structure/organization is not documented, there’s no standard metadata or even data standards (e.g. there are images there in lossy compression formats unsuitable for reanalysis).
Please use a public repository suitable for your data type if one is available.

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Cross-linking a similar discussion for when/if a resource is not available: GitHub-like site for image data


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