Where is "update sites" selection in FIJI 1.52


I wanted to select some sites (Mangage update sites) that Fiji should update from

But after FIJI updated to ImageJ 1.52p
No such option is available any more …
Is it my fault? has this option “moved” somewhere else (use to be under …“show details” while makein an update …if i remember it correctly.


Go to Help > Update… - then you should be able to update and access the Manage Update Sites. Here is the wiki page on the Updater as well: https://imagej.net/Updater

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Yes @etadobson Thank you.

I am not sure why, but for some reason FIJI made the update without showing the classic window “Updating/ show details”.

When i tried again a couple of times and after restarting my PC … show details appeared so Manage update sites appeared again …

Anyway problem solved…

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