Where is net.imglib2.ops dependency of imagej.ui.swing

I am doing some work with net.imagej.ui.swing and cannot find imglib2.ops which is imported by the ThresholdFigure class.
There is an old imglib ops repo in Fiji
What am I missing?

The net.imglib2.ops.pointset.HyperVolumePointSet class imported by ThresholdFigure is in the imagej-deprecated artefact (you can find out in Fiji by running Plugins > Utilities > Find Jar For Class).

This dependency is declared in the project’s pom.xml file. If you want to use the classes in imagej.ui.swing, I recommend importing the image-ui-swing Maven project, as Maven will take care of the dependencies for you.

Are you using an up-to-date Fiji running on Java 8, with the Java-8 update site enabled?

If you need any further help, please share your code so that anyone here on the forum can give more specific advice.

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