Where is customnode.CustomPointMesh?



I would like to use customnode.CustomPointMesh and I presumably need a jar file which implements it.
The closest one I have is j3dcore-1.6.0-scijava-2.jar. This implements SceneGraphObject, Node, Leaf and Shape3D, but not CustomPointMesh.
I am guessing the file is called CustomMesh.jar, but where can I find it?



According to maven.imagej.net's classname search, it is contained in 3D_Viewer.jar.

You can also use Fiji’s Plugins > Utilities > Find Jar For Class command, which will tell you:

The class customnode.CustomPointMesh is contained in /your/path/to/Fiji.app/plugins/3D_Viewer-4.0.2.jar


Thanks Jan.
Since I had never used Find Jar For Class, I tried it.
For some reason it didn’t find it.
Never mind, I now have no unresolved variables.