Where does a newbie developer start -- with ImageJ or Fiji


Some background:

  1. I studied Image processing as part of my undergrad education in electrical engineering a while ago
  2. I’d like to pick up image processing again after a hiatus of many years – primarily for fun and intellectual curiosity

My question is should I start with Fiji or ImageJ – here are some considerations:
a. I want to understand the underlying architecture of ImageJ
b. I want code simple Image processing algorithms in Java
c. I want to understand how the build and packaging system works

Based on reading the docs I’m leaning towards starting with ImageJ but some of my friends who are users of Fiji say I should just stick with Fiji.

I thought I’d post this question here to get your thoughts.


Here you find some good recommendations:


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Thanks for the reply @Bio7 – so there is no easy answer for my choice – I’m leaning towards ImageJ – as I think the source code will be more minimal – and it’ll allow me an easier pathway to compiling, building


Here are other (programming) resources to give you an overview:

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The question is more complicated. There is ImageJ1 and ImageJ2. “FIJI Is Just ImageJ” which is really a plugin distribution.

I recommend starting by trying to write a plugin, setting up Eclipse and looking at the SciJava docs.