Where can I visualize the data resulting from the intensity threshold parameters of a TMA (1+, 2+, 3+)?

Hello community
I need to know where I can visualize the intensity data resulting from the analysis. When exporting the data to excel allows me to see the percentage of positivity of each TMA core, but not the percentage of intensity or degree of expression of nuclear DAB.

It’s not totally clear to me what you’ve tried and what you’re getting so far. You can either set a single cutoff in QuPath (Positive/Negative) or three cutoff thresholds (Negative/1+/2+/3+).

You might see three sliders, but the checkbox below them determines whether all three cutoffs are applied or just the one. If you use all three, then the counts should be exported by default (and you’ll see H-scores as well as positive %).

Thank you very much, it was just to remove the selection.
You have created a fantastic program!

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