Where are Fiji's GUI codes about buttons or layout?



There are so many jars in the FIJI project. I am shocked. And I want to know where are the GUI codes?
thanks much!

I can’t even find the app’s title ‘(Fiji Is Just)Image’.



Welcome to the forum, @frankgray!

What do you mean by “UI codes”?

What would you like to achieve? If you’re a bit more specific about your goals, it will be easier for people on the forum to help you.


Thanks for your reply. What I said is like this:


Where are the codes about the GUI or the windows frames? Such as layout, buttons and toolbar and so on.

Sorry it’s my first time to know about Fiji. Thanks much.

What’s more. You know there are 392 jars in the dependencies. I want to know which jar contains these GUI materials. What I want to change the GUI to add some buttons or other things. I pray this explain will be clear. Thanks.


If there is one who has developed the Fiji’s GUI, please help me with the question. thx


Fiji uses the ImageJ GUI. The source code for ImageJ is at

You will want to look at the ImageJ, Menus and Toolbar classes.


awesome! There is a docs. Thx very much!


This post might also be relevant: Adding preferred plugins to the main imageJ toolbar?


Just as a side note, this collection of relevant API docs is probably useful, too:
You can find the relevant docs under ImageJ1 there (this should be equivalnet to the doc that @Wayne shared).