When will ImageJ 1.52p become part of Fiji?

@ctrueden, I see that Fiji ships ij 1.52n and now it’s at 1.52p

When would this version (or anything above 1.52n) be shipped with Fiji?



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Fiji has been updated to 1.52p! :tada:

To elaborate on the delay:

The ImageJ Jenkins server needed to be fully terminated (earlier than originally planned) to address acute security concerns. The ImageJ1-related Jenkins jobs are still not fully migrated to Travis CI, although as of this writing, the following automation is back in place:

  1. Committing of Wayne’s ImageJ1 releases (inferred via daily scrape of notes.html) to the imagej/ImageJA repository’s imagej branch.

  2. Adjustment of those releases into the Maven-oriented layout of the ImageJA master branch, and corresponding version tags.

  3. Deployment of the ImageJA releases to the OSS Sonatype (and therefore Maven Central) repository.

Steps (1) and (2) are handled by a daily Travis CI cron job of imagej/ij1-builds. Step (3) is handled by the Travis CI build of imagej/ImageJA.

We still need to put in place a step (4): upload these deployed releases to the appropriate ImageJ update site. Probably the ImageJA Travis job can be expanded to do this. I will speak with @turekg about it tomorrow.

We also need to update the ImageJA wiki page to describe how things work now—it still references the prior Jenkins-based approach.