When opening imageJ... Could not switch to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_51/bin

Sorry that this has been sitting unanswered for so long.

The image you uploaded seems to be broken for some reason. Could you please describe your issue (if it’s still relevant) and the steps you were taking when you encountered it?

Please also try with a fresh download of Fiji.

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I have the same problem as Jan when trying to open Fiji:
Could not switch to C:

@sadu Please cut-and-paste the exact error message, and describe your environment in more detail. Where do you have Fiji installed? Do you have write access to that folder as a non-administrator? You may also find this article helpful when reporting issues: Bug reporting best practices.

My ImageJ is installed directly on the C partition. I ran mostly fine but generated regularly Java error messages. Since I have a separate Java installation (i.e. independently from ImageJ), I renamed the “internal” ImageJ java folder to javaOld. I then proceeded to add the relevant Environmental variables to the system properties under “user variables”:

After rebooting my Windows 10 PC, I get the following error message.

FYI: A already added : _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1024M

@Marcel_Mettlen Welcome to the forum! And sorry for the delay in reply!

It seems wrong that you are trying to launch using ImageJ-win64 (the 64-bit launcher), but pointing to a 32-bit Java installation. Did you try with a 64-bit Java installation? A 64-bit Java installation will be in C:\Program Files\Java, not C:\Program Files (x86)\Java.