What tool do you recommend for FRAP analysis?

Dear community,

In our facility we are sometimes asked for help on FRAP analysis. It’s not something we do a lot and I’m sure there are people here on the forum who deal with FRAP data more often.
So can I get your input on: What tool for FRAP analysis do you recommend?
I’m looking for tools usable for a researcher without scripting experience, and having some standard functionality like curve fitting and being stable (so not already breaking because already long out of maintenance).

No need to be bound to Fiji, any standalone tool or integrated in other frameworks (like Icy) I’m happy to hear about.

Some resources I know about:

There is an older thread on a similar topic and I’d be curious to try out the “Frap analyzer” suggested by @romainGuiet but the link is broken unfortunately.

@gayaJ pointed me aready to this jython script for Frap analysis on the wiki. (Thanks for the tip!).

But are there other tools you can recommend as well?


Are you aware of this one?


(I didn’t use it actively though…)

And there’s this one by @Kota:



I just discovered this more recent paper as well, introducing a web app for FRAP analysis (and discussing some of the other tools mentioned already):


Hi @noreenw ,

The FRAPAnalyser.exe and the UserManual.pdf can be found on our c4science.ch page about FRAP analysis.




Thank you for the links @romainGuiet and @imagejan, I will check them out !

@imagejan I had found the “Frap Analyzer” on the imagej wiki, but it is an uncompiled java file so I didn’t know how to install/run it (and suspected that the tool is maybe old/unmaintained). The web tool from your edit looks quite interesting!

“FrapAnalyzer” (@romainGuiet 's pointer) should be good as Aliaksandr implemented it over my IgorPro script (which needs you to buy an IgorPro license) and he also added new models to it - so think of it as the upgrade of my script. He has been discussing this with me a lot concerning the implementation so if I need to use something other than mine, I will use this one.

“easyFRAP” is also another implementation based on my script, and it should be behaving similarly according to the authors but I have not tested it yet.


@noreenw The one you are mentioning (“FRAP Analysis” in the wiki) is simply measuring z-axis profile and plotting it (it also allows you to do the normalization), so you can probably create the same in macro with 20 lines of codes. Below is the essence of the plugin.

double[] y = getZAxisProfile();
if (y!=null)
   double[] x = new double[y.length];
   for (int i = 0; i != x.length; i++)
      x[i] = i + 1;
      PlotWindow pw = 
          new PlotWindow("FRAP Analysis: "+ imp.getTitle(), "Slice", "Mean", x, y);

Edit: I think these kind of information about usages and differences between tools should go into biii.eu…

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Thanks @Kota for the info and clarification!
I also hadn’t realized that the core of the last mentioned plugin boils down to just a couple of line of code.

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I also found this web-based tool called FRAPbot FrapBot. Have not tried but it looks neat :slight_smile: if someone has experience with this, would be happy to know.

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