What method is best method/plugin in imageJ to standardize/compare two images in terms of pixel depth and photon count?





Good day,

I’m a big friend of concise formulations but I feel clueless with what you present to us here.

Please provide much more details about what you really want and about the formation process of the posted images.

What is the goal of the desired processing?
How are these images obtained (re: photon count)?
What do you mean by standardization?




Sorry for less information.I mean i wish to know the total number of pixels at different depth in this images.
I wish to know 1.standard deviation at different depths.
2. Total number of pixels at different depths
Thank you for ur response :slight_smile:


Sorry but things are still opaque to me:

What do you call “depth”?
What do you call “total number of pixels”?
Pixels having a certain value?

Please be specific, otherwise help is impossible.




No idea what an OCT image is.

No idea how this should be interpreted:

Depth=Y-axis=No. of pixels used to indicate color of each pixel


No. of pixels used to indicate color of each pixel

sounds somehow circular - no?

As long as I don’t understand what you call pixels I can’t help you.




Pixel here is nothing but the intensity.
Thanks for ur patience and response