What is the kind of PSF that suits deconvolutionlab?


I am trying to use the plugin deconvolutionlab. Here is the problem

The left is the original image; the right is deconvolved image. The deconvolution is very suspicious in that the position of four corners of the images are switched. Also, there is a tinge of residual signal which overlaps the position of the original signal. It seems to me that the deconvolution algorithm collects pixel counts from one place, but moved it to another place, not knowing why.

Here’s how I got this weird result:
I generated a PSF function using the FIJI plugin PSF generator. The configuration goes like this:

I made the PSF to have the same XYZ pixel numbers as the original image.
I used Landwebwer algorithm with this PSF to deconvolve. Then hit run.

Does anyone know what might have caused the displaced output image? Thank you so much!


Hi @bagel

Do I understand correctly that you are using the original DeconvolutionLab and not DeconvolutionLab2?? If so see this thread http://imagej.1557.x6.nabble.com/deconvolution-problem-td5001407.html

Your issue could be that you need to select “Flip PSF Quadrants” option.

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Fantastic it works! Thank you Northan!