What is the best software platform for annotating microscopy movies?

Just a follow-up to this other thread posted by @JayneS. Does anyone know of any software platform that is good at adding annotations to microscopy movies? For example - what if you want to highlight some moving cells midway through your stack - following them with arrows or so? What tools/workarounds have people come up with for such things?

Many thanks!

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Quick example of what I mentioned with ActivePresenter on Twitter.

Both very flexible in terms of pointing things out manually (and you can adjust your cursor appearance to whatever you want), and yet less flexible in terms of pointing out multiple objects, although you can do that iteratively by recording the recording, potentially with a cursor of a different shape or color.

Not at all good for high throughput or automation.

Other than that I’ve used Imaris, with the highlighting being the surface or object selected or outlined. >.> Not exactly a cheap solution, though.

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